homoth cornhole bags

homoth Produce the best cornhole products

The Homoth project team was established in 2019 and we have conducted market research for more than a year. Developed a wood cornhole boards for outdoor use, and did many tests to confirm that it is waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Whether the  is an cornhole boards or an cornhole bags is the original design of our team. We firmly believe that product quality and customer experience are important. We will make products with our heart.

The service life of the product is much longer than that of density fiberboard. We pay attention to every detail of the product, including the bags in the suit, which are reinforced with industrial machines and double-thread sewing. Make cornhole products that are really suitable for outdoor use.


waterproof cornhole boards

We Have Tested The Water Resistance And Pattern Adhesion Of The Cornhole Board.This allows you to spend very little money to buy the best cornhole boards.

All-weather Cornhole bags

Our corn hole bean bags are made with durable 12 ounce duck canvas and stitched using an industrial sewing machine, so they are designed to last in any type of terrain.

Cornhole bags cover

It’s equipped with invisible zippers, which allows you to freely fill corn, soybeans, and even used Cornhole Bags liners, and help to interact with children, family and friends to enhance emotional communication while filling cornhole bags.

HOMOTH custom cornhole products

Provide you with personalized customization, print the pictures you provide on the board or sandbags.


wholesale cornhole products

If you are a physical supermarket and online sales, and want to wholesale or distribute, please contact us.

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