Online Shopping Peak Season Is Coming

Every year there is new news that sales records are being broken and online holiday spending is occurring at unexpected times. During high season and festive shopping, a number of logistical challenges arise. The holiday season is an intense, concentrated sales period that requires retailers to expand fulfillment in all directions.

E-commerce continues to account for a growing share of retail sales. Online shopping sales have increased by 300% over the last decade, and e-commerce returns reflect this growth. The growing number of e-commerce websites contributes 14.1% of global retail sales each year.

Not only is the Christmas season at the beginning of the year, but also consumer expectations for a positive Christmas shopping experience are high. Retail stores in the United States are seeing more traffic as online shoppers wait for the big sales days to buy their favorite treats and prepare for the holidays. Customers are also more likely to shop at new retailers during the holidays.

According to new data released by Salecycle and published in the Ecommerce Stats Report 2020, consumers are more likely to shop Mondays and Thursdays, and peak shopping time is between 8pm and 9pm of the day.

In 2020, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for e-commerce sales, with e-commerce peaks between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and the second peak between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. The 2020 Salecycle data also found that Wednesday and Thursday are the busiest trading days for online sales, while Saturday is the worst day of the week for them.

As more and more purchases are made online, traditional shopping hours are being redefined and redistributed to different seasons.

Look for online stores with the biggest savings on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, including free shipping and Cyber Monday sales. Those who want to start shopping now will miss out on spring delivery delays and low inventories.

You won’t find any exceptional bargains in the annual Christmas sales, so make the holidays happy by postponing your Christmas shopping until the last minute.

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