What Games To Play During The Pandemic

Cornhole, also known as sack or bean sack throwing, is a grass game in which players take turns throwing 16 ounce bags of corn kernels from an elevated platform to a board with a hole at the other end. Players take turns throwing bean bags into the game to get three points on the board at one point.

Pushed aside by the pandemic, the townspeople discover the rustic, down-to-earth pleasures of the cornhole. This popular game is increasingly being used in marketing, with custom-made cornhole boards being used at weddings and family celebrations. Throw in courses, and there are more cornhole tournaments than ever before.

It should be obvious that Cornhole is one of the most popular outdoor games in the United States. Cornhole, also called bag throwing, corn throwing, bean throwing or bean throwing with a bean bag, is more than just a popular lawn game in America. It can be played with two to four players, one against one, two against one or a team of two.


The Cornhole at Brooklyn Crab at Red Hook of Geoff Kung, Lily Schwartz and Rosanne Joseph. Their award-winning Smash Burger 17 was one of the first bars in the city to host Cornhole, and other bar games that were in action after the lockdown include Jenga and Giant Chess. When Karayan introduced cornhole in 2010, the original tournament consisted of 32 teams of twos competing for a grand prize of $100.

Cornhole has become such a popular game that many can claim to have invented it. Trey Ryder, a cornhole analyst, said that only when you learn to throw a flat bag can you begin catching the beetle: “It’s a real thing,” he told the Post. Today the throwing tournament is considered the largest cornhole tournament in the world and unlike other events it combines sport with so much fun and flair.

A lot of people play cornhole at tailgate parties, barbecues and all sorts of get-togethers. 4 corn hole sacks filled with corn, beans and sand, with 6-inch holes, 24-inch to 48-inch wooden scoring platforms and a 6-inch top board. Add some personality to your cornhole board with licensed cornhole stickers with your favorite team logo, custom board is a great addition to any tailgate party.


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