What’s the biggest challenge in your kids growth?

There are many joys in raising a child, but every parent needs and wants to work hard, even in the face of serious obstacles. Juggling so many challenges can make one challenge harder and more stressful than the others, and life can be a bit of a balance.

Here are some tips to help you feel more fulfilled as a parent. Helping your child cope with challenges and failures encourages a growth mentality and teaches them to view failure as an opportunity to learn and grow and to do things differently next time. Parents cannot control the lives or challenges their children face, but they can guide them through challenges like no other parent can, helping them gain perspectives, solve problems, and manage the process by not overreacting and underestimating success.

Parents can teach their children how to learn self-control by putting clear rules in place, such as homework, not being screen time, chores and raising allowances so that their children can buy things themselves knowing they can earn them. You can give your child ideas for coping with their stress and encourage them to use them, but make sure you offer them many opportunities to work on their issues of independence.

Parents can help their children deal with uncomfortable feelings by making concrete suggestions about what they can do to calm themselves down. Children know that the word “no” can cripple parents in a fight, and they will use any tactic they want. Parents who think, “I should educate my children,” for example, might find it helpful to find out about it and talk to other parents and child development specialists.

You can also show your children alternative ways of coping with the challenges and struggles in their lives. I found that true acceptance is one of the most powerful and loving things that parents can give their child.


Your child may come to cope with challenging difficulties by remaining present, engaged and a constant source of support for them. The presence of a supporting adult can help a child cope with the stress that comes with challenging situations, help them learn certain methods and ways to deal with it, and provide them opportunities to learn and grow.

You see, this can make you feel terrible as a mother or father, because you know what you are doing when you raise children who are having fun or exhibit other challenging behaviors such as tantrums, shouting, disobedience, nervousness or obnoxiousness, or are the best you know how to be. Self-shaming is an unconscious barrier between our children and ourselves for challenging behaviour.

As parents, it is hard to watch our children struggle with challenges when we know there is nothing we can do to solve them. It is our job as parents to help children through difficult times, but it is not our job to carry on to them all our burdens.

With your support, your children will not only navigate these troubling times, but will emerge from them feeling loved, confident and with a strong, close bond with their parents. In time, our children will no longer be afraid of new challenges; they will accept them.

When children learn that they can overcome challenges in life, they lose the fear of getting into challenging situations. They differentiate between challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, and pitfalls waiting to be ruined.

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